NOTE: Non-slip socks required for all classes

Registration is required and space is limited, so sign up online or call ahead of time to reserve your spot.

[ALL] Intro

50 min/Class

This Beginner class to Pilates combines the newest equipment of the Cadillac and Chair to get you familiar with the machines as well as the transition of moves. These light exercises will help you strengthen your core and gain coordination and grace. You’ll learn all the benefits and terminology that will prepare you for the more intermediate and advanced classes.  All experience levels are welcome.

[ALL] Tone

50 min/Class

The 50-minute class consists of controlled, flowing movements working your muscles through a full range of motion overcoming resistance that results in increased fitness levels. Bosu ball, foam rollers, weights and a variation of springs will be used together to achieve the ultimate all-body-tone experience. All experience levels are welcome, workouts can be modified and adjusted as needed.

[ALL] Strength

50 min/Class

This is for the strong-hearted that have gone through the [ALL] Tone classes and are ready to step it up a notch. A more advanced and unique full-body workout that is ultimate for strength-building. It involves lifting your own body weight and a lot of isometric contractions, your heart rate escalates, and we know what that means…more calories burned!

[ALL] Cardio

50 min/Class

Get your heart pumping with the cardio-infused Pilates equipment workout done on our famous Jump Board. Whether you're looking to slim down or merely tighten up your core, you're sure to be well served by this all-cardio guaranteed all sweat class. All experience levels are welcome, though this is a faster-paced class.

[ALL] Straps

50 min/Class

Everybody loves Straps! This class utilizes the Reformer straps in various positions to work the entire body with a focus on stretching and lengthening the muscles of the arms, back, inner thighs, hips, quads and especially the abdominals. All experience levels welcome.

[ALL] Tower

50 min/Class

A unique workout featuring the Tower integrated with the long board and Reformer. Using various pieces of equipment like the springs, push through bar, trapeze,  and maple pole, you'll enjoy a highly creative and fun workout involving multiple body positions meant to help you achieve a whole integrated body experience. You'll leave class feeling stronger and longer! All experience level welcome.